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Since 2017, Simone Bridges Inspires Inc has conducted numerous Community Events in the state of Florida and beyond. The organization is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. As of 2019, Jacksonville's population was estimated to be 911,507, the most populous city in Florida, the 12th most populous city in the U.S., and the largest city by area in the contiguous United States. The city is an ideal location for outreach, events, and fundraising. Not only is it the largest city in the state, but has proven to be a great place to reach our core demographic. 

  • The poverty rate in Jacksonville is 16.4%. One out of every 6.1 residents of Jacksonville lives in poverty.

  • The poverty rate in Florida is 15.5%. One out of every 6.5 residents of Florida lives in poverty. 

  •  781,928 of 3,149,614 black Floridians live below the poverty line. Approximately 15.5% of the total population of Florida is black. 

  • 3,070,972 of 19,858,469 of all residents reported income levels below the poverty line in 2019.

  • Florida ranks 35th in Poverty Rate at 15.5% (poverty rankings by state). The Poverty Rate of Florida is slightly higher than the national average of 14.6%.

  • The Poverty Rate of Florida residents enrolled in school is slightly higher than the national average of 20.1%. This translates to 948,092 of 4,553,283 Floridians enrolled in school living below the poverty line within the past year. 

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